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Education Center for Global Leaders in Molecular Systems for Devices

Education Center for Global Leaders in Molecular Systems for Devices (planned establishment 2013.2.1)

“Education Center for Global Leaders in Molecular Systems for Devices” is a joint university education and research facility responsible for implementing the Program for Leading Graduate Schools, the “Kyushu University Advanced Graduate Program on Molecular Systems for Devices”.

Forming an educational base for the science of molecular systems for devices

The organization consisted of researchers/ educators in industry, government and academia in Japan and abroad will be formed and carry out the education and research of the science of advanced molecular systems for devices.

Introduction to the Ito Campus and Open Learning Plaza

The Open Learning Plaza, a facility for this education program, is located in the west zone of the new Kyushu University Ito Campus.


Ito Campus / Open Learning Plaza

The Ito Campus covers a wide, 275ha area stretching that straddles Nishi-ku in Fukuoka City and Itoshima City. Located west of Hakata Bay nearly in the center of Itoshima Peninsula, the campus is approximately 15km from Tenjin in central Fukuoka. While it has the convenience of being on the outskirts of a large city, the campus offers a tranquil environment that overlooks the Genkai Sea and retains an abundance of nature. The region is steeped in history and has numerous historic ruins that indicate the area has long bustled with the comings and goings of people.

Facilities for Small Group Discussions and Brain Storming

This education program has a new, specialized seminar rooms and two brainstorming rooms with seven small offices that students are free to use to conduct active small-group discussions.

The importance of Fukuoka industry-academia Symphonicity

An area for collaboration among industry, government, and academia, and an organization for research and development are already in place, and a system for joint research and development has been constructed. At present, in addition to several corporations, the Fukuoka industry-academia Symphonicity (FiaS) houses the Institute for Systems, Information Technologies, and Nanotechnologies (ISIT) and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Six instructors from the Kyushu University Department of Applied Chemistry are promoting the advancement of collaboration between industry and academia. In addition, construction on a second center will begin in October 2013 and may be exclusively used for collaboration between industry and academia conducted through the Program for Leading Graduate Schools.