Outstanding Research Ability

1styear Multiple Expertise and Basic Academic Skills
Presentation of Research Plans In the 1st and 4th years, planning presentations are held on specialized research to be  conducted. From April to August, discussions and BS are held with colleagues and instructors from different fields, and details of chosen themes, aims, experimental designs, and future development of individual research are presented to program planners.
2ndyear Seminar of Molecular Systems for Devices (QE: Comprehensive Examination)Teams of 3 put together and present a part of a scheme on the latest scientific topic that differs from their area of expertise. While clarifying the areas they are each in charge of, they speak on the possibilities of new research development through integration of different fields.
Non-expert knowledge is evaluated based on presentation ratings by participants in industry-government-academia programs.
Submission of Master Thesis・Receiving Master’s Degree
3rdyeaer Overseas Training
4thyear Group research proposal Based on the research conducted up to the 3rd year, the 3-person teams submit research proposals to researchers from private orporations for promising joint research themes, and the implementation of joint research is explored. Research funds are provided through the office for the Program for Leading Graduate Schools and from private corporations. Evaluations are quantitatively conducted not only by university instructors, but also by corporate researchers and VC based on the innovativeness of research development and potential for practical application.
5thyear Research of Molecular Systems for Devices(D3)
Submission of Dissertation