Program Coordinator

Pushing forward the next generation of industry with cutting-edge molecular materials, and the necessity of super leaders

Prof. Chihaya Adachi
Graduate School of Engineering
Kyushu University

This education program aims to train super leaders who will be able to work internationally with a pioneering spirit towards the research and development as well as the ability to see bigger picture, while boosting the scientific potential of researchers particularly in the field of “molecular system devices”. Super leaders will be trained in integrated research and development from basic research through practical application by acquiring the knowledge of “cutting-edge molecular system devices”, “enthusiasm and expressive ability in relation to research”, “research management ability” and “international outlook”.

Education program by industry-government-academia coordinated staff

In this education program, students’ basic strengths are gradually being fostered, and they will acquire expertise in multiple areas based on challenging, advanced research activities taught by teaching staff from the university as well as from domestic and overseas private corporations. As a special education program, graduate students from different laboratories are split into small groups, and special offices where students can freely discuss their work have been prepared. These educational research activities providing first-hand experience of synergy through communication are contributing to the development of individuality and character as students experience the connection between producing research results and being able to “imagine through discussions”, “think outside-the-box”, “make definite decisions”, and “have a mindset that does not easily give up”. Also available are domestic internships at cooperating corporations and international collaborative research with overseas research institutions, providing students with a mastery of western research techniques. Furthermore, the open innovation laboratory at Fukuoka industry-academia Symphonicity (FiaS), located at the Ito Campus Science Park adjacent to the Ito Campus, is often used for theme proposals from small groups with a view to developing practical applications (Group Research Proposal: GRP), encouraging researchers brought together from different fields to actualize new research development through in-depth discussions, developing practical research capabilities as workers with ready potential at private corporations and producing a mentality geared towards strategic research. This program is operated in cooperation with the Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University (QREC)/The Kyushu University Business School (QBS), and students will acquire basic knowledge of IP rights, management and accounting necessary, as well as management theory and leadership theory necessary for becoming a research and development leader. Through study at the Kyushu University Ito Campus, research activities at overseas research institutions, and study at Ito Science Park, we aim to cultivate top-class leaders capable of seeing research and development from the perspectives of basic science, international activity, and the industrial world. Students, a new type of graduate school education has begun. This program will help you to realize your wonderful R&D potential, give you the practical research ability necessary for pioneering new areas of learning, and enable you to have strategic and developmental ability to make great contributions to the society through the an education based on industry-academia cooperation. You can build a great future with your burning enthusiasm. Why not take a leap into his new graduate school course and aim to become a world-leading researcher of molecular system devices ?