The 42th Seminar: Prof. Susumu Kitagawa

The seminar has been held.

■date and Time:16:30 ~ 18:00(Fri.) 13/Jun./2014
■Venue:Hakozaki campus Faculty of Science bldgs. No.2, Room No.2
* Ito: Open Learning Plaza 2F Lecture room No.16 ←It was changed.
* TV conference system will be provided when there’s a request.
■Speaker:Prof. Susumu Kitagawa
■Affliation:Director, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), Kyoto University
■Titel:「多孔性材料による気体のサイエンスとテクノロジー-困難および不可能をブレークスルーするためにー」(Japanease Only)
■Participation fee:Free