The 129th Seminar: Prof. Binyang Du, Dr. Anca Mazare, Prof. Biao Zuo, Dr. Masayasu Totani

■ poster
■ Date and Time:13:00~16:20, August 25th, 2017
■ Venue:Open Learning Plaza 2F Lecture room No.14, Ito Campus
■ Title&Lecturer
“Thermo-sensitive Ionic Microgels via Quaternization Crosslinking”
Prof. Binyang Du(Zhejiang University)
“Self-organized Anodic TiO2 Nanotubes: Growth, Morphology and Biomedical Applications”
Dr. Anca Mazare(Friedrich-Alexander University)
“Nanoconfinement Effect on Polymer Dynamics: from Surface to Interface”
Prof. Biao Zuo(Zhejiang Sci-Tech University)
“Designed Polymers for Anti-fouling Coatings”
Dr. Masayasu Totani(Kyushu University)
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