The 135th Seminar: Prof. Sergei V. Dzyuba

■Date and Time: 16:30~18:30, Nov 24th, 2017
■Venue:Ito: Open Learning Plaza 1F Seminar Room (110), Ito Campus

The 129th Seminar: Prof. Binyang Du, Dr. Anca Mazare, Prof. Biao Zuo, Dr. Masayasu Totani

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■ Date and Time:13:00~16:20, August 25th, 2017
■ Venue:Open Learning Plaza 2F Lecture room No.14, Ito Campus

Oral Reports on Overseas Training

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■Date & Time:13:00~14:30, Wed., May 11th 2016
■Venue:Inamori Hall, Ito Campus, Kyusuhu University

Special symposium by Mr.Kazuo Mizuno (Language: Japanese Only)

■Date and Time:14:00-15:50(Sat.), 15/Nov./2014
■Venue:INAMORI CENTER, Ito Campus, Kyushu University ( venue has changed.)

Cancelled: Special symposium by Mr.Kazuo Mizuno (Language: Japanese Only)

■Date and Time:14:00-15:50(Sat.), 09/Aug./2014
■Venue:Shiki Hall, Ito Cmpus(744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka)

24th Banyu Life Science Symposium in FUKUOKA

■Date and Time:10:30~19:30, 7 June, 2014(Sat.)
■Venue:Centennial Hall Kyushu University School of Medicine

(2)Multi-cultural Exchange Experience : Prof. Mari Christine

■Date and Time: 8:40~12:00, 13:00~14:30 23/Jan./2014
■Venue:Open Learning Plaza#110, Ito Campus

Workshop for Reaxys

《Hakozaki Campus》
■Date and Time:6th Nov 2013
■Venue:Central Library
《Ito Campus》
■Date and Time:8th Nov 2013                                                              
■Venue:#305, West Zone 4

(2) Multi-cultural Exchange Experience (Haiku)

■Date&Time : 8:40-9:40、9:50-12:00 Thurs., 24/Oct./13
■Venue:Open Learning Plaza #110, Ito Campus

Writing a Scientific Manuscript in English – a 2-day seminar for non-native English speakers

■Date&Time :Aug 10th 2013 9:00-12:40/13:40-17:00 / Aug 11th 2013 9:00-12:35/13:35-17:00
■ Venue : Ito campus, Open Learning Plaza, 1F Seminar room(110)

Presentation of the Research Proposals of Year 2013

■Date&Time : Aug 9th 2013 10:00-17:11
■ Venue : Ito campus, Open Learning Plaza ( AMS lecture room8 )

Ownership & Networking Prof.Takarabe Kunihide

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■Date&Time : Apr 18th 2013 13:00-16:00
■ Venue : Ito Campus, Leading Seminar Room ( #110 )

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